Why I remember

8 Apr

Looking through these blog posts about other people’s experiences made me really reflect on my own in a different way. I find myself telling the same stories over and over, the ones I think people will find the most amusing. Like getting hijacked on my first night in Hanoi, being thrown out of the centre for fear I had swine flu, and burning the crap out of my leg on a motorbike exhaust pipe. But honestly these aren’t the things I remember the best. And the things I remember are the ones that I can relate to my everyday life here in Sydney.

When I was at the centre I was told how much the teachers were making and I felt like I was going to break down. Then I was told that their documents were kept from them to prevent them leaving the centre to find better paying work. I was horrified, and I think of this all the time as we fight so hard here over women’s rights in the workplace. These are the kinds of things I remember, and the things that people who haven’t volunteered don’t understand as well. Those teachers were so amazing, I practically worshipped them.

I think a lot about those teachers and hope they’re doing ok.


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