Hello, Kamusta, Jambo, Yo

12 Apr


Guess where this is...it may be a trick

My name is Chris, and I while I am sorry I haven’t introduced myself sooner, I hope you enjoy reading. I have previously volunteered in the Philippines, in Guyana, and in Tanzania on all sorts of different youth, education and research projects. So I think you may get a bit of a mixed bag from me if that’s ok. Some of my posts might be about the Philippines, where I worked with a child-rights organisation called Bahay Tuluyan. Sometimes I might be talking about Guyana, where I worked on HIV/AIDS awareness and some Substance abuse community education workshops. And you might even get to hear about my time in Tanzania, as an English and music teacher at a crazy little school called Mandela Primary.

I have loved all of these experiences, so I hope you don’t mind me trying to entertain your taste buds you with a little flavour from all three experiences. They have all had profound, and profoundly diverse impacts on me. And I hope I can reveal a few important stories, and use this space as a reflective, but entertaining little arena of travelling tales and sunburnt stories.

I hope you enjoy reading.



2 Responses to “Hello, Kamusta, Jambo, Yo”

  1. mjfuss April 13, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    Red rocks. Green near the stream. I’m guessing Tanzania. As for the trick, maybe Australia then.

    • whitepageblank April 14, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

      Good guess…this is in a secret place in Central Australia that belongs to a friend of mine. THere will be some photos of Tanzania, Guyana and the Philippines later though…

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