Reliving the best time of my life

12 Apr

I thought doing this would be fun. I thought this could be an outlet for me to remember and reflect on the most life changing experience. Instead, I find myself hugely overwhelmed and kind of upset because I am here, merely reminiscing, and not in the mountains of Cusco. During those five weeks of volunteering, my life was changed. I traveled with 18 other people from Macquarie University, all from different walks of life, different degrees and different personalities. At first, I was hesitant to be a part of a huge group, not knowing where my place would be. However, as days went by, I wanted more and more of them.

Over time, we became La Familia. A title that we labeled ourselves, one that stuck and one that is true. Our shared experiences have bonded us. I suppose it is because only they truly understand the emptiness of returning to Sydney. Because of them, coming home was bearable for I knew that I would still see them. I know I will not see the kids of Quilla Huata or the NGO owners again or for a long while. For now, seeing La Familia and is comforting enough. They know the kids I know, they ate the food I ate and they hurt the way I hurt. They saw me at my worst and they saw me at my best.

So, as I sit here in my room, drinking a cup of Earl Grey, I prepare myself to embark into my raw and fresh memories. I am excited to delve into this honestly and openly, ready to see what this experience will bring out of me.


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