“The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens”

12 Apr

The driving factor behind me travelling to Swaziland, Africa, for nine months was driven by a dream I had at a time when I was losing touch with my moral and spiritual upbringings from my family and Faith. Though others were amused and fascinated by my dream, I knew full well its meaning, and to be honest after feeling so lucky to have had the dream, I was overcome by regret and shame that it had come to such a point. In other words, this dream triggered a series of events that changed or aligned my way of life and my understanding of the purpose of this life.


I have always believed in unity in diversity, but never had the taste of what it feels like. I’ve learnt that humanity can be likened to a garden in which grow side by side flowers of all kinds, colour and perfume. The charm and beauty of the garden lie in its diversity. We should not allow the differences that exist among us in our physical characteristics, our temperaments, backgrounds, thoughts etc give rise to conflict and strife. Rather, we should rejoice in belonging to this garden of humanity. My experiences in Africa allowed me the true understanding of this. Though we spoke different languages, had different traditions, ate different foods, and thought about the future differently, we were united spiritually and rejoiced in being brothers and sisters by being part of the human family.

I often try sharing the above analogy to friends here and suggest that we can achieve the long-awaited and promised peace and unity on earth. But many friends struggle to grasp how we can achieve this when the world is as corrupted and divided as it is today. My question to everyone is: “How do you feel we can achieve such peace and unity and do you think it ever possible?”

This topic reminds me of a song I sung with children in Swaziland that says:

Ye are drops

Of one ocean

Ye are leaves

Of one tree

Come and join us

In our quest for unity

It’s a way of life for you and me

All the earth is

But one country

Man is one

Can’t you see

Come and join us

In our quest for unity

Its a way of life for you and me.


6 Responses to ““The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens””

  1. angelenepenguin April 12, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    I love this, you write really well…

    • jyd89 April 12, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

      Thanks for reading 🙂
      May I ask if you think that attaining peace on this earth is a reachable goal, or just an unattainable thought?

  2. mjfuss April 13, 2011 at 1:09 am #

    If I reply honestly, I don’t think peace will ever happen. The world is as troubled today as it was hundreds of years ago. People will blame religion and race for the conflict but ultimately it comes down to greed and power.

    We have plenty of evolving to do, to reach a stage of a peaceful diverse garden. That being said, I think the quest for unity is something that we should strive for everyday.

  3. angelenepenguin April 13, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    The idealistic part of me says that anything is possible, peace included. However, the realistic side of me sees corruption rampant everywhere. Like the comment above, when people continually strive for power and money at the cost of their humanity and the freedom of others, then we are a long way off. I always hope to that the reality of peace goes far beyond rhetoric.

  4. jyd89 April 14, 2011 at 1:21 am #

    To mjfuss: Thank you for your honesty. With regards to evolving, I believe the day and age in which we (you and me) live in is far different and advanced than Mankind’s history-perhaps an ‘age of fulfillment’ as opposed to histories ‘age of promises’ or ‘development’-i.e. I believe mankind is entering into its maturity and leaving behind its troubled stage of adolescence. Yes, the world is troubled, but there are more forces in constant action that are ‘fighting’ against such troubles today.

    It’s a pity to see humans fighting and killing for a piece of land, a piece of dust, dust that will only ever become their grave in the end. No matter how much wealth or power you attain in this world, none of it will you take to the next.

    The quest for unity, I believe, begins at the grassroots with individual initiative to wanting a more harmonious and united community stretching to the national and international spheres. As you said, we are as troubled today as hundreds of years ago, therefore that tells us something isn’t working, right? We’ve tried economical means to achieving peace, religious, political (sometimes worsens) and social means, education (can help, but limited) etc, however they have all failed. What then is the remedy? Can a renewal of religion help solve the problem? The first question to ask is, of course, what is different about a renewed religion in this day and age?

    To angelenepenguin: I agree completely that idealistically anything is possible! And to say otherwise is a pre-conceived judgement. It sounds outrageous to have peace and unity, right? Put it this way, did it not sound outrageous to people only a hundred years ago to say that you can travel anywhere in the world in less than a day!? Keeping in mind that during earlier times ships were the main mode of travelling internationally that could take weeks and even months!

    (collectively) Essentially, all the once impossible dreams are now realities. Corruption, greed, hatred, racism, misuse of power etc are rampant everywhere. But the legacies these fleeting people/influences have vanishes as swiftly as they do. The legacies of those who want and achieve change or even lay the grounds for change, are the ones who are remembered and embedded in history. Let’s take an exercise-take a minute to think of histories significant individuals…who were they?…

    More often than not, the ones we remember were those who were the positive ones who were of benefit to mankind in one way or another.

    A quotation that has stuck with me since childhood reads: “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth.”

  5. red85 April 14, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    Look at the people of world, all over the world the people are starting to rise against the governments, dictatorships and oppressions, they are coming together, UNITING in a common purpose, to end the tyranny and oppression they face daily and collectively.
    People are rising up against the corruption, greed, hatred, misuse of power and racism. And we see this in the under developed African continent, how much more the more advanced civilizations of the world?
    Peace is not something that we can dream to achieve over night, most likely, these countries that are turning against their governments and leaders are not solving their problems by removing one tyrant leader and replacing them with another leader who will not do much more than enrich him/herself. Their complaints and concerns may not be solved by getting rid of the current problematic leader and replacing them with another…but what will change is the way the new leader governs…he/she now has to fear the people, because United they can remove him/her but divided they cannot do much.

    The world is already maturing and evolving, its peoples are realising that acting together can achieve the result they choose.

    We can each start to realize in ourselves that change is inevitable, if we see the need to unify and love humanity, the peace we dream of may not be as far of as we imagine

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