dreaming bits

17 Apr


I wake tangled in my ipod, I have gone from hating them and never wanting to use one to going to bed with one, my bits mixed with it’s bits, peaceful at first and then an unwanted bed guest who is taking up too much room and upsetting my sleep.

This is the start of something not as huge as I thought it would be, Vellore – India, 9 weeks, one is already gone, I know better than anyone how fast time goes, time goes, the greatest mistake we make is thinking that we have time.

So the light glows through the white and green triangled curtain like the apple on the mac, not enough to properly wake you but enough to know something is starting to happen. A temple must be nearby, chanting repetitive chanting infiltrates my dream my dream of picking up  $2 gold coins, of thinking I was really on to it to go under the stage where people drop their gold and I was picking it all up, but didn’t have enough pockets or places to put the money, my aunty steps in and talks in a put-on posh voice to a European girl who looks like she’s worth more than my mother’s house but upon closer inspection I decide my intimidation and respect given is unwarranted, much like …. Some mad metaphor here.

There were dogs, a dog and a wolf, the dog was mine, it was going to kill something, and win, many people were upset, and I was hanging with all the boys – I probably wasn’t meant to be, buts its fun there with the boys when you’re the only girl and they rough and tumble and you punch and play, especially nice if one of them is after your goods and you got a thing for his. You feel the prickle and twang of desire laced with tension and impossibility each time you touch

–       who were you in my dream last night? I kept covering myself with an oversize brown bearlike cardigan, pockets heavy (with collected coins?)

I wake on my mat my 4 inch mat that will be home for several weeks, what dreams will I have here, under the false safety of my mosquito net.


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