The difficulty of basic functioning

24 Apr

At first it was so hard because every – otherwise passive – basic function or daily task was now suddenly active, and often quite difficult.

Walking (watch out for dog, rubbish, gravel pile, sand patch, old lady, scooter, cow, rubbish, drain, cow crap, goat….), Breathing (waaah what the hellllll was that, I think I’m dying! then often followed by having gone to heaven with some of the most delightful and incredible scents in the world), eating (How? fingers, nails, palm, inability to multitask, tearing naan with three fingers, eating so slowly my fingertips burned with spices and looked like I’d sat in the bath for half an hour too long), drinking (do not drink the water is all I can say), going to the toilet… 

So to get through a day in one piece, to even walk to work was an achievement of sorts. My sensitivity was heightened and basic functioning had become something that needed to be accomplished.

It is little wonder that in our non-working time, there was a struggle to muster the energy (courage?) needed to ‘explore’ when it was so unfamiliar, and at times so difficult.

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