unwarranted fame

28 Apr

I was warned that when I would go to the schools, the kids would stare and want to take photos, but it would not prepare my for the onslaught of attention, the kids climbing the barred windows, asking for autographs (!) and all trying to touch me.

At first I was moved, it was incredible, all these smiling curious faces, and then it was fun – and after a while, I felt numb to it.

Yes I’m white, no if you use the soap I use your skin wont look like this (a serious Q), no I’m not married and don’t want to be anytime soon… but as soon as I realised that I was de-sensitising through repetition, I gave myself a good slap in the face and rememebered that for each school and each kid (in some cases) – I was the first foreigner they’d seen, I was like an ambasador. So I got my act together and smiled and reconnected in a more meaningful way.


One Response to “unwarranted fame”

  1. bec4890 April 30, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    I felt the same in India. I could not get over the ‘fame’ that came with being white. I too was asked for an autograph and being blonde, they wanted to touch and play with my hair (which was greasier than it has ever been before so the thought of someone touching it was horrible). I was brought down a notch when people who had almost nothing, wanted you to come to their home for chai and biscuits. These people probably used a weeks wages to have us at their house yet that was worth more than anything to them. I got a letter from a boy in my class when I was leaving that read “you came to my home and drank our chai even though we are poor, we will never forget you”. This brought a tear to my eye. I guess this also could be a comment for Cramped Quarters & Community Spirit http://ethnosense.com/2011/04/29/cramped-quarters-community-spirit/

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