no brainer, all gut-ter

1 May

I wanted to write “all hearter”, but it was all gut. And man, what a gut of time I had (that’s another post, the never ending adventures of my gut in India, intense and hilarious stuff, soon to come kids)

This is in response to “was the volunteer placement a hard decision?” In as few words as possible:

1. I knew I wanted to volunteer somewhere

2. I saw there was a Philippines program around the same time I learnt of the existence of my half brother. Yes, that’s another chapter in itself.

3. Being an envio student and uncomfortable with how “bad” air travel is, I thought: why not combine the two, meet the little fella and do some giving good?

4. Last minute curveball: “Hi Pace people, I am open to India as well as Phil.” And a week later: “Hi Prue, we would like to offer you the choice of India or Phil” – and for some unknown gut driven reason, India it was.

Which was pretty random, because I had never wanted to go to India, which is exactly why I knew I should.

So then it gets me thinking – how much of volunteerism is selfish?

How much of it is selfless?

I don’t think it can be purely selfless, there has to be some self based motivation in the first place, right?


2 Responses to “no brainer, all gut-ter”

  1. jyd89 May 1, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

    Personally, I think volunteering should be all selfless. Especially as it is in most cases a service to others and for the betterment of others (otherwise it wouldn’t be called volunteering, right?). Because of that, I think that our volunteering efforts should be as much as possible free from any selfishness. When I think of some of my experiences, I remember there were times when I thought I’d rather not participate and engage in certain activities, til I realised I was being selfish in my decisions and forgetful of my purpose of service.


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    […] articles were provided as links in one of the recent posts, no brainer, all gut-ter. I agree with most of the points made in both articles. We don’t lose too much by […]

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