10 May

Claro? Huh?

Claro was the mobile phone provider we used in Peru; Claro is just like Vodafone, except it actually works.  Since returning back to Sydney, I come across things that remind me of my trip to Cusco. The other day I came across my 70 soles ($20) phone that I had used in Peru. I put it on charge and then went back through the messages. In this blog, I will share a few of the messages that were sent and what they mean to me.

Myself > My Mum

“MUM!! You have to see this! This place is beautiful, the people are stunning, and the atmosphere is vibrant. I never want to come home.”

This message was sent straight after we saw the village that we would be working in for the first time. Cusco was an amazing city, it really was stunning. The view from the community took my breath away, huge green mountains staring a shadow down were bold and magnificent to look at. The Peruvian people living in the community had a sweet presence on them, they were so happy, warm and welcoming. I loved the whole experience!!!

Myself > Renee (sister)

“We can do more. These people are so beautiful and they need so much more. Why are we all so self focused?”

This comment is self explanatory. It’s true! We think of ourselves and not others. Living in a poor community for a month opens your eyes in a new way and it is hard to deal with when you return back home.

Myself > John Shamon (friend still in Sydney)

“Johnnnyyyyy.. matey. I miss yuouu. I wishh you were here. We re celebrating big. Just finished our work at the community! The women are B.E.A-utiful. I’m nearly drunjk., “

You may be laughing at this message or you may be, well, confused. On our final night in Cusco, we had a big one. Yes, a big one. Lots of drinks, lots of party and way too much alcohol. We were celebrating the work that we had achieved. I don’t recommend getting drunk but I do recommend that you celebrate when you achieve something. We had achieved so much over the month and we had a right to celebrate. You probably shouldn’t send drunken text messages but this is what I sent to one of my best friends in Sydney. And it’s true, the women were beautiful. ❤ haha

Myself > Gran

“These people have nothing but yet they are so happy. Happier than you and me.”

The people literally have nothing; they have to grow their own food because they have absolutely no money to buy anything. But, I do believe they are happier than most of the people in Australia. They are so happy!!! They made me realise, that there is more to life than monetary rewards and assets. The Peruvian people valued family and friends over money and possessions. We can all learn something from them. This challenged me when I returned home to Sydney.

Myself > Mum

“This was the best month of my life, I can’t wait to see everyone very soon Love you”

The month when I was away was so rewarding for the community and myself. I enjoyed myself so much, while learning a lot about life. I learnt how other live and what I value. I did miss home at some times throughout the trip but if I had it my way I would have stayed much longer. It was great to see family again and when you spend time away from home, you realise what you value most in life.






2 Responses to “Claro”

  1. palacar at 5:20 pm #

    It was great to see how your messages transported you back to the time of your volunteering time… they were like revelations that made you think: CLARO!! (“of course!!” in Spanish haha). But hey, why did you say that you were challenged by the experience on your return: “The Peruvian people valued family and friends over money and possessions. We can all learn something from them. This challenged me when I returned home to Sydney.”

  2. Nakamarra at 5:44 pm #

    This is a fantastic way to reflect on what you were thinking and processing at the time! I wonder what I have that can do that too?

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