Opportunism versus altruism

10 May

Sometimes I think my decisions to volunteer are opportunistic and almost without any altruistic motives.  I go because the opportunity comes up, because I have time, because I want to travel.

I went to Yuendumu because for years I had been saying “I would love to work in an Indigenous community!”  And then I got back from overseas and had 5 months till uni started again, and I saw the Youth Challenge Australia link on a website.

I went to Christmas Island because I was returning to uni after working for a few years and had excess time over January and February and a lack of money.  A few people in my immediate circle had applied with ALIV to volunteer on Christmas and in other detention centres, and it was one of the few completely supported volunteer positions available.

Only later, after the decision has been made, and people start responding do the altruistic motives seem to come in.  They say, “wow, what made you do that?  What a great thing to do!”  And even though I try and make my opportunistic and selfish motives plain they only seem to hear and recognise altruistic motives.

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Why did you decide to go?

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One Response to “Opportunism versus altruism”

  1. David June 7, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    Does the convenience make the act of volunteering any less altruistic?
    Sure, the timing was good, but you could have spent your time lounging on some foreign beach, or trekking through another country, purely for your own desires. Instead decide to volunteer to help others – you just do it when you have the time and motivation to do so.

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