Oh, home! Let me come hooooome!

15 May

I moved to Canberra a few months back to start a new job. I’ve been riding my bike to work, and I ride my bike until I get home.

I really enjoy riding my bike. Back in Hanoi, I was seen as strange and backward because I preferred to ride my bike to riding a motorbike/motoped/scooter. I did eventually contributed to another motoped on the congested roads of Hanoi. And it was awesome. But I still maintained that riding a bike was also very awesome. In Hanoi, a motorbike is a status symbol. Riding a bike denoted poverty/being a student/being a street seller. I told my workmates (who were environmentally aware) that I chose to ride a bicycle to lower my carbon emissions. They still gave me confused looks.

Here in Canberra one morning, I was riding on my way to work and caught a bit of the song, Home, when passing by a cafe that was playing music out of its speakers. I really like that song. I especially like how passionate and in-the-moment the artists are when they perform that song. It’s evident they truly enjoy making the music and their words come from within.

So while I was riding and humming to that song, I thought about where home for me is, now that I’m living in Canberra. Is it home? Or is Sydney still home, considering I grew up there, and my family and old friends are there? Then I thought about the saying, “Home is where the heart is”. Where is my heart? Part of it is in Hanoi, where I volunteered for 12 months. Part of it is in Puku Cafe.

The friend I mentioned in my last post asked if I were to come back to visit Hanoi after I returned to Australia. I said that I really wanted to, depending on my finances and my circumstances. He said that one way to ensure I return to Hanoi was to leave something there with a friend. That’s what he did. He left some of his books and possessions with a friend in Sydney, to ensure he would return someday to visit.

It’s a nice thought.


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