Mass distraction

23 May

I realise I’ve been lacking my weapons of mass distraction while I’ve been over here, only one book one book that I gave my soul to (yes it was shantaram – THE book anyone says to read if youre going, and the most common book in hostels.being red in cafes – ) but that’s the brilliant part of it, it was brilliant, it heightened my experience and when I wasn’t justifying what I was doing there or feeling tired from hours on bus, I was reading – it made the hours ease glide and took the edge off dust up the nose.

The point is I wanted to read, and if it wasn’t reading it was meditating, and as much as it enhanced by experience it also served as an escapism  tool a means by which I would not be there, I was no where, I was in the book, or in my breath(?) – it helped me cope. Cope with what exactly? another entry for that.

But I realising it wasn’t coping as much as it was switching off the systems. Cheating a bit. Lessening the impact of powerful India. It was, after all the whole summer break, a part of me wanted to embrace that uni down time and it was hard to not feel ‘guilty’ for that.


One Response to “Mass distraction”

  1. palacar May 23, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

    I love how free your writing feels in this post

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