Combinations of the extremes

27 May

This happened to a friend of a friend of mine. I quote him directly:

What I would have given for a fully functioning stomach! How much it impacted my volunteer work, how much I underestimated it, how much I rejoiced in the ‘normal’ flow of bodily goods (or bads).

I have never experienced such gut pain, such inability to go and incapacity to stop, and incompetence to know when either might happen.

“How are you feeling today?” Directly translated into: have you gone today? no.

“Are you coming into the office today?” directly meant: can you leave the vicinity of the toilet? no.

I would slump slouch and lug a few days food around (!): how could something that was so simple and previously unconsidered and essentially taboo be dictating my every move? MY EVERY MOVE? And be the topic of multiple conversations? with multiple different people? This went of for the whole time. The whole summer. Nearly every morning I woke, wondering if I would be blessed with the good fortune of…

Overall, it stretched to the extremes (more painful than having a baby), and combinations  of the extremes. Christmas day had me crying unable to get to lunch, unable to leave the hotel room for fear of .. (!)

India tore my tummy apart, I have never experienced such a rainbow of events. What I learnt from all this? be grateful that things work normally! Never take the flow for granted.

(my poor friend)


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