The Golden Van

28 May

This formidable beast rode up mountains, sped over rigid terrain and fit all of us in there like packed sardines. I miss it. I am not a huge one for hugs and personal space invasion; I like wide-open spaces and a good arms length (or two) from me and the next person. So being squished in this car with everyone, everyday was hugely overwhelming but something that I grew to love despite the stench of some people after a days work on site – a mixture of sweat, dried mud and wet grass.

The kids chasing our van down, yelling "stay stay don't go"

This old bus became our friend. One day we got into a little crash with it coming back from the school. The route back consisted of a narrow and windy dirt track populated with potholes. It was a thrill, though sometimes genuinely scary. The car that we hit was a little white one akin to a really outdated Toyota Corolla but still not as flash, but it miraculously still fit people eight in it. The car’s front window prominently displayed “Dios Es Amor” upon the top, meaning “God is love” in Spanish. It was really awkward crashing into a car declaring that.

It felt like a wild adventure atop a monstrous mountain. Imagine it now, a huge golden van colliding with a tinsy winsy car and both were left dangling millimetres of the mountain’s edge. It wasn’t that dramatic, no one was hurt thankfully and neither car was too damaged surprisingly, given the size differences. Our car ride that however, only got more exciting as two people in it were close to getting sick. They were infested with salmonella and you could imagine why everyone (except for me woo!) got so sick being cramped in close proximity of each other, always. Everyone was breathing in each others’ diseases and their bodies were unable to fight it due to the high altitude. I don’t know why I didn’t get sick, I must be super human or something, or maybe I just played in too much mud and filth when I was a kid and I’m now immune to everything. Moral of the story – eat things off the floor, you’ll be stronger for it.

Look at us, cuddled up nice and close

Drivin' the beast (well pretending to)

2 Responses to “The Golden Van”

  1. prupodum at 7:07 pm #

    so you had to go in the little van every day to get to where you were working??

  2. angelenepenguin at 9:19 pm #

    We sure did. It was definitely a bonding experience haha. It was really great, I mean it got us to where we needed to go daily and was (relatively) safe.

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