The Loo and the Shower. Signs of comfort?

28 May

I don’t mean to mope but…. Delhi belly in 5 degree weather, spending a good part of the day hovering over this loo was not a

Loo With a View“.

We sure did spent some time together. Concrete walls. Concrete floor. No windows. A light when the solar panels were charged (not often). It was a lonely place. I am a convert to the toilet squat, I really is a good “poo position”. But ….  not with Delhi Belly. Holding the squat position for more than a minute, the thighs burn, the feet cramp up, the Western body can’t handle it.

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And the shower, no hot water. No heating here. No warmed cement. No warmed water.

Girls washed in this room communally (clothes stayed on, it was too cold). The girls had long hair they flicked over their heads and let the tap water flow down the back of their neck, follow the wave of their hair, to drop off into a bucket on the floor. A friend ran shampoo through it, rinsed it off, then wrapped it up in a towel.

So my hair got washed once a week. The rest had to wait for 6 months until I got my hair cut on the way home in Delhi and asked if they had a bathroom. They did, with a hot shower! I washed for the first time in a long time, used the provided hand (body) soap  and dried off with the hand towel. The hairdresser gave me an inquisitive look, 15 mins on the toilet?… and I gave him a smug look of achievement. The best shower of my life.


One Response to “The Loo and the Shower. Signs of comfort?”

  1. prupodum May 30, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    I love it stella!

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