5 Jun

Following a long weekend (5 buses, 14 hours… epically challenging toilet situations), I was especially fried but knew there was a special event in the park that I could go to – that a friend’s friend would look after me if I went.

I was about to message and say ‘too hard too tired’ then a little voice went off and said WHAT ARE YOU DOING! You are alive and full limbed and with a functioning mind and in INDIA- get out there.

Wonderfully enough, it was a most memorable evening – I walked around the park with a minister, had armed security guards, met some other officials, got photographed, front row seats for the show, and made the local paper the next day.

I loved how things worked out like that in India – nearly consistently surprised me.

Stirring the pongal

Random, wonderful and a solid reminder of not being complacent. That it is nearly always worth it to get off your ass (!)


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