Getting ready for the last month of the “race”

10 Jun

What a month! So full of emotions and bold writing, breath-taking stories, videos and even music. Well, last Saturday some of the Ethnosense bloggers had the opportunity to meet again for a second Cafe Chat and celebrate this period of intense blogging. We got together that night (incredibly, because with this insane winter, really, you have to think it twice before going out) and we had a rather chocolaty (?) chat in the city.

We talked about many of the issues that have been raised in the blog like, for example, the issue of refugees and detention centres. The perception was that it just feels very different to volunteer abroad than to work somewhere “nearby” like, say, with asylum seekers within Australia. “It’s because you don’t get to leave it behind” said panapestimio. Clearly, it has to make a difference.

In general, it was nice to have a nice hot chocolate, warm up and refresh batteries for the month that lies ahead. After all, this will be the last month of intensive blogging for the Young Ethnographers Project. One of the questions that we talked about during that night was: “and what’s going to happen with the blog after this project?”. Well, the idea is to continue using this platform as an open space for alternative travelers and international volunteers to reflect on their cultural experiences.

A few weeks ago, Ethnosense was featured in the betterplace-lab where I had the chance to explain a bit more what the concept behind this blog is in a post titled: “Ethnosense: an experimental blog for an experimental crowd“. I think that post gives quite a few hints about the future of Ethnosense. In any case, I suspect that the Young Ethnographers will keep blogging no matter what (“it becomes addictive!” I’ve heard them say), and that more and more returned volunteers will get involved. But I’ll leave the details of how that’s going to work for another post.


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