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Check out our publication!

31 Oct

The Young Ethnographers Project has come to an end. Our bloggers finished their journey by creating a short publication with their Final Reflections as cultural travelers and international volunteers.

Last month they got together one last time to celebrate the success of this project and receive a certificate of participation for their creative and bold contributions. This closure event was also the perfect opportunity to launch their edited compilation. To give you a better idea of how that publication complements this blog, check one of the things it says:

To conclude the project, the young ethnographers wrote a small reflection or ethnographic
piece that synthesized their insights and thought process in a concise format – resembling
the way anthropologists would put together an ethnography for publication. After facing
several weeks or months of being immersed in an ocean of cultural difference, and after then
blogging and thinking back on many of their unique experiences, the journey finally comes
to a resolution in the following ethnographic pieces of writing. Just like an anthropologist,
these returned volunteers have engaged deeply with another culture and then have
systematically reflected on that experience, allowing them to write, at the end, a public
reflection that brings together the entire process.

And to complete the event, we announced the happy winners of the 2 iPads that were meant to encourage everyone to keep their energy up throughout this lengthy project. Congratulations to the two participants! And congratulations to all of the participants, who made this an amazing blog to read.

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