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22 Sep

This collaborative blog is an experiment in ethnographic methodology that I organized in the context of my doctoral research. Just as it would happen with the copious amounts of field notes in any classical ethnography, only a very small portion of the actual material produced by the project makes an appearance in my dissertation. But from the beginning that was one of the appeals of gathering thoughts through this kind of public writing.

The blog has now been for a long time an archive and I apologize to those who kindly tried to encourage me, like Jaap Timmer, to pass it on to others who might be able to find new directions and energies for the blog. At least its general concept seems to have made some impact and found some resonance within a wider public, the most evident being the way the Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility at The University of Alberta adopted and embraced the domain name of “ethnosense”.

My PhD has taken me in unexpected directions throughout these years, shifting towards rather theoretical and historical inquiries. You can check out the abstract for the thesis that will soon be appearing in the MQ online repository to see what I mean. I am still of course open to the idea of extending the life of this blog. Please email me at if you have any ideas.

Lastly, apologies if the hyperlinks within the posts don’t work at times. This was a side-effect of changing the blog’s name from to But they can be manually fixed by editing the ending of the relevant link to To this day I continue to find interesting posts that I had not read closely enough before. I must thank one last time all the bloggers who contributed with so much commitment and creativity to this experiment. I hope that, with the passing of time, they have come to see this exercise as a useful step in their own personal explorations.

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