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Will people ever understand?

6 Apr

This is a question I think about every day. Will people ever understand?

I had the most amazing and life changing experience and yet I feel like no one except those who were with me, really understand. I tell all the stories and show all the pictures. I know they’re interested because they’re my family and friends and I went on a “holiday”. But I just feel like they don’t understand the impact it had on me. I try to explain but they still can’t see it. I was surprised how upset I got the other day because I was changing my desktop picture to a photo of the class I taught in India and my finacee said “why are you putting their picture up, they probably don’t even remember who you are”. He was having a joke which is not unusual for him but the comment really upset me. I think because it made me think…well, what if they don’t remember me? Just because the experience had such an impact on me, doesn’t mean it had the same effect on them. I think it was this that upset me more than the comment.

My new life

Needless to say, I got over being upset and I did make the (above) photo my desktop picture. I think I realised that, it doesn’t matter if the kids don’t remember me, the photo is my acknowledgment of the impact they had on me.

Well thats my first little rant. Hope I didn’t bore you all.

Do any of you feel the same way? Do any of you have experience with people not understanding? Can anyone say that yes one day they will understand?

Keep smiling


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